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Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API)
Pharmaceutical Ingredients(API) are the best quality active substances that are widely used for the production of tablets, capsules and various other drugs. They are widely used for the cure of treatments of large number of diseases.
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials & Ingredients
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials are function as the medical grade intermediates, needed for the production of medicines and drugs. These have effective uses in health care, food industry and transportation industry.
Pharmaceutical Chemicals
Pharmaceuticals Chemicals are offered with extended shelf life. These suffice as the raw materials, solvents, reactants, catalysts and reagents. Provided are the medical grade chemicals, accessible with good shelf life.
Chemical Supplies
The Chemical Supplies have a vital role to play in the medical and chemical industries. These are suited for the manufacturing of plastics as well as polymers. The industries in which these are demanded are wiring, décor, prosthesis furniture, clothing etc.
Benzyl alcohol
Benzyl alcohol we deal in is used as a general solvent for inks, lacquers, waxes, epoxy resin coatings, shellacs, paints, etc. This is also utilized as the paint strippers. This is highly compatible with viscosity enhancers.
Glass Lined Equipments are the heavy duty equipments that are used to carry out chemical processes in chemical industries where corrosion resistant and chemically inert environment is required. They are fabricated with premium grade glass materials with a steel lining to provide higher strength.