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Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol, manufactured, imported and exported by Griffith Overseas Pvt. Ltd is utilized as the general solvent for waxes, shellacs, inks, paints, epoxy resin coatings and lacquers. This is used in the paint strippers and finds compatibility with viscosity enhancers. Benzyl Alcohol works as an effective precursor to assortment of esters as well as ethers. This is used in the production of perfumes, hand sanitizers and soap. In addition, it is used in the flavor industries as a highly effective bacteriostatic preservative. In low concentration, this can be utilized as topical drugs, intravenous medications and cosmetics. This is an aromatic alcohol, used in several types of cosmetic formulations. Furthermore, this can be utilized as the fragrance component, solvent and viscosity-decreasing substances.
Product Image (100-51-6)

Benzyl Alcohol

  • CAS No:100-51-6
  • Usage:Perfumery
  • Other Names:Phenyl carbinol
Product Image (13826-35-2)

Meta Phenoxy Benzyl Alcohol

  • CAS No:13826-35-2
  • Usage:Api Intermediate
  • Other Names:MPBA