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Pharmaceutical Intermediates

We offers a large variety of Pharmaceutical Intermediatessuch as povidone iodine, acetyl hydrazine, fexofenadine, alpha-dimethyl phenyl acetic acid, 4-Aminobenzoic acid, meta bromo aniline, 3,5 Lutidine, M-PhenoxyBenzaldehyde, 4-Hydroxycoumarin and many more.These chemical agents are widely used in production of medicines and can be transformed into active pharma ingredients by further processing to make molecular change or refinement.Pharmaceutical Intermediatesare semi-finished products that are very powerful and useful in the production of resultant highly active medicines.They are used for the making of different class of drugs like antibiotics, antipyretic analgesics and vitamins that are used for the treatment of diseases like such as watery eyes, runny nose, itching eyes/nose, sneezing, hives, itching and antiseptic for skin disinfection.
Product Image (104-54-1)

Cinnamyl Alcohol

  • Other Names:Cinnamic alcohol
  • Usage:Perfumery
  • CAS No:104-54-1
Product Image (105-13-5)

P-Anisyl Alcohol

  • Other Names:4-Methoxybenzyl alcohol
  • Usage:Perfumery Chemicals
  • CAS No:105-13-5
Product Image (001)

Acetyl hydrazine

Price: 2700 INR/Kilograms
  • CAS No:1068-57-1
  • Supply Ability:1500 Per Week
  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (162096-54-0)

4-(Cyclopropyl carbonyl)-alpha,alpha-dimethyl phenyl acetic acid

Price: 2500 INR/Kilograms
  • CAS No:162096-54-0
  • Usage:Fexofenadine Intermediates
  • Form:Liquid
  • Other Names:FEX-8
Product Image (154477-55-1)

Methyl 2-(4-{4-[4-(hydroxy-diphenyl-methyl)-piperidin-1-yl]-butyryl}-phenyl)-2-methyl-propanoate

  • Usage:Fexofenadine Intermediates
  • CAS No:154477-55-1
  • Other Names:FEX-10
Product Image (154477-54-0)

2-[4-(4-Chlorobutyryl)phenyl]-2-methylpropionic acid methyl ester, Methyl 2-(4-(4-chlorobutanoyl)phenyl)-2-methylpropanoate

Price: 3000 INR/Kilograms
  • Other Names:Fex-9
  • CAS No:154477-54-0
  • Usage:Fexofenadine Intermediates
Product Image (536-90-3)

Meta Anisidine

Price: 1500.00 - 1700.00 INR/Kilograms
  • Other Names:Meta Methoxy Anisidine
  • CAS No:536-90-3
  • Usage:Api Intermediate
Product Image (591-19-5)

Meta Bromo Aniline

  • Usage:Api Intermediate
  • CAS No:591-19-5
  • Other Names:Meta Bromo Aniline
Product Image (13349-82-1)

1-Hydroxyethylthosypiperazine ( HEEP)

  • Other Names:2-[2-(1-Piperazinyl)ethoxy]ethanol
  • CAS No:13349-82-1
  • Usage:Quetiapine
Product Image (154003-23-3)

Cis Tosylate

  • CAS No:154003-23-3
  • Other Names:Cis -Tosylate
Product Image (1076-38-6)

4- Hydroxycoumarin

  • CAS No:1076-38-6
  • Usage:Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals
  • Other Names:4-Hydroxy-2H-1-benzopyran-2-one; 4-Coumarinyl alcohol
Product Image (01)

Meta Bromo Anisole

  • CAS No:2398-37-0
  • Usage:Tramadol
  • Other Names:Meta Bromo Anisole
Product Image (3951551-0)

M-Phenoxy Benzaldehyde

  • CAS No:3951551-0
  • Usage:Api Intermediate
  • Other Names:MPBD
Product Image (18)

2,3 Lutidine

Price: 850 INR/Kilograms
  • Form:Liquid
  • Purity:99 %
  • Other Names:2,3-Dimethylpyridine
  • CAS No:583-61-9
  • Usage:Lansoprazole, Rabeprazole